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How to overcome depression ?

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What’s depression ?. How to overcome depression ?

When you’re depressed & sad you don’t want to get out of bed. You don’t want to be perturbed by anyone. But overcoming depression is going to require that you get up & engage with life again. When you’re feeling down the worst thing you can do is isolate yourself. Because isolation intensifies sadness. So I recommend finding a distraction that’ll shift your energy. Many teenagers in their early 20s began to notice some of the symptoms of mild depression. For years they struggle with worry, anxiety & feelings of hopelessness. Whenever they experience a minor setback they would be hard on themselves & they would become extremely discouraged for some reason. It’s hard for them to believe that they could get through difficult situations.

Depression changes a happy, outgoing & extrovert guy into someone who’s now always unhappy, introvert, withdrawn & who gave up on life. People suffering from depression encounter their dark moments. Dark moments that even their family & close friends knew nothing about. People suffering from depression go through a persistent feeling of sadness & hopelessness. They lose interest in many of the things that they previously enjoyed. People suffering from depression feel like their family & friends would be better off without them. They feel like a failure & insufficient. They feel like they couldn’t take life anymore.

Don’t hide depression

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Depressed people pretend to be happy for so long. But while you might feel discouraged you don’t have to be discouraged because brighter days are coming. Depression is very common. 1 out of 10 people will face depression during their lifetime. So always check on the people who are close to you. In most instances, the people who appear happy & strong are rarely asked how they are doing. Because people assume their lives are perfect. You may not have considered this but sometimes the person who’s smiling every time you see them is privately battling depression.

Overcome depression & face your fear

So the 1st step in overcoming depression is acknowledging that something must change. You must overcome your fear because you can’t fix what you don’t face. Suppression, denial & pretending that everything is okay is not going to help you feel better. You can fool everyone else. But can you fool yourself ?. The answer is no, never. You can’t fool the person in the mirror the person that you stare at every single day. I know it’s easier said & done. But your situation can improve only when you dare to confront the fact that you’re not as happy as you appeared to be. Don’t suppress the wound of rejection or childhood trauma. Don’t harbor anger. Letting go of anger & bitterness is a very difficult thing to do but holding on to it does impact your physical, emotional & mental health.

Don’t harbour anger & resentment. Let it go

Just let it go. Harboring anger will steal your joy & peace of mind. Set yourself free. Be a free bird & set yourself free from the emotional turbulence that has been disrupting your mental peace. You need to overcome depression & then promise yourself that you would put in the work necessary to experience authentic happiness. Not happiness based upon your circumstances. But happiness is based upon a personal decision. Always be mindful of when you’re feeling overwhelmed or when you need to take a mental break or when you need to utilize your support system. Always refuse to succumb to the negative thoughts that attempt to make you feel like your life will never get better. Remind yourself that you deserve to be happy & that your life will get better.

Engage yourself

When you’re depressed you want to lie down in your bed forever. You hold on to your emotions & cry alone. Also, you don’t want to be bothered with anyone & isolate yourself from others. You need to find a distraction that’ll shift your energy. Simply you could turn on some uplifting music. You can watch an inspirational video. You can go for a walk or call someone who’ll make you laugh the key or who understands you better.

The best way to feeling better is by doing the exact opposite of what you feel like doing. You’ve got to get up. You’ve got to connect with others even when you don’t want to do it. Join a gym. Do exercise. Try to make new friends. Yes, it’s not easy but you must try. Try harder & don’t be afraid of failure. You should never give up on life. You’ve to find ways to avoid sinking because hopelessness reduces your productivity. Find a goal in life. Do something crazy or meaningful. Always try to motivate yourself.

In most instances anxiety stems from an experience or anticipation of a negative experience. When you feel anxiety trying to creep in you’ve to change your focus from this is not fair or why this is happening only to me but I’ll not allow worry or fear to sabotage the beauty of this moment. Though you may feel natural to allow your mind to wander into worry & hopelessness. But you reinforce negative thinking by not challenging it.

How to overcome depression ? Conclusion

Your thoughts are impressions. They’re not your identity. So be mindful of your thought patterns & interrupt them before they get out of control. Overcoming depression & committing to happiness takes work but it’s not impossible. Yes, mistakes happen but making a mistake does not mean that you’re a failure. Overcoming depression is not an overnight process. It takes work. For some happiness comes easy. But for most people happiness requires intention. Are you motivated enough to fight for your happiness ?. I hope that joy & peace will track you down & give you the endurance you need to keep pushing. You may not be where you want to be right now but you’ll be surely there. You’re still standing tall & you still have an opportunity to create a new beginning.

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