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How to be happy in life ?

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What’s happiness ? How to be happy in life ?

I’ve got a nice family & I’m doing a good job. Yet there’s some sort of unhappiness. I am sure there are a lot of you who can relate to this. That you know that you’ve got friends. You might’ve done well in your last exam. You’ve done well. You have you’ve gone out somewhere. But when you come back home there are moments of unhappiness that somehow envelope you. So how can we deal with this ?. In other words, they’re unable to find the happiness that they are seeking, although the quest is for happiness. So, how to be happy in life ?.

What we want in life ?

If I say, what is it that you want in life ?. Somebody says I want a big car or I want to be a venture capitalist or I want, whatever. Ultimately, the reason why you want all these things is that they’ll bestow happiness upon you. In other words, we’re all looking for 1 thing which is happiness. You go & sit in a cinema hall & derive happiness from the plot. As long as it’s giving you happiness, you’re looking at it with great joy. The moment that turns into boredom, you walk out or switch off. In other words, we’re always seeking happiness & the problem is that we’re not finding it. The reason is that we’re not realizing that it’s not by increasing the externals but by changing the internals that you’ll find happiness.

A story about gratitude

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So, let me give you a little example. There was this man who would always curse God that what did you give me in life ?. I’m poor. I don’t have much. My friends are blessed in so many ways. He developed an itch in his eye. When he went & showed it to the doctor, the doctor said that he has cancerous growth. Both of his eyes are needed to be taken out otherwise he’ll die. He was shattered. He had 2 options. To live blind or not to live at all. It was not a choice. He agreed to the surgery. He entered the ward with the understanding that when he comes out, he’ll not be able to see again. When the doctor opened his eyes, he discovered it was only a viral fungus.

In other words, there was no need to extract the eye. He cleaned it up & stitched it. When the bandages were finally opened, he could see. He said- “Wow. I can see. Thank you for the eyes that I possess”. He had the eyes earlier as well but he wasn’t seeing them as a blessing. When they were about to be snatched but were not snatched, he realized that he does have a blessing.

Conclusion. How to be happy in life ?

In other words, none of us reading this article, I estimate is blind. We’ve been given these 2 eyes fitted with 500 million neurons each with the help of which we can see the beauty of a rainbow, the glory of an eagle in flight. We’ve been bestowed with 2 ears, each fitted with 24,000 fibers, with the help of which you can hear, the mirth of children in laughter, the melody of an orchestra, the rustling of the leaves in the wind. We all have a million reasons to be happy. But we’ve not learned the art of how to think.

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