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How to make friends ?

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How to make new friends ?

It’s said that the importance of friends is supreme in the life of every person. There are very few people who don’t have any friends. A friend is such a person that listens to you, understands you, gives you the courage & also takes you out of difficult times. But often we see that old friend gets separated after changing city, school, college & even home & then gradually the conversation with them starts decreasing. There comes a time when all kinds of contacts with old friends are lost & there is a bit of loneliness in life. Normally, due to 1 reason or the other, most people get separated from their friends. In such a situation, we are in search of making new friends. If you also think so, then in this article I’m going to tell you about the ways to make new friends.

Meet people to make new friends

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It’s generally believed that to make new friends, we should meet as many people as possible. When we meet people & talk to them & express our opinion on any issue, then this will allow the other person to know about you. Talking will not only let the other person know about you but also about your personality & your opinion. If others like your qualities & your ideas, then obviously that person will want to connect with you & will also ask for your advice & help if needed. So if you want to make new buddies then get out of the house & meet & talk to new people as much as possible.

Use social media to make new friends

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In this age of the internet, everyone uses social media. Social media can also be a good option if you want to make new buddies. Although the virtual friendship made on this platform may not be real friendships. Many are fake accounts also. So beware of this & send & accept friend requests to only those who you know or to some extent at least. But most of the people 1st know each other through Facebook and then their friendship becomes confirmed after meeting. You can add new people on Facebook by joining various groups on Facebook that you might be interested in. Send them congratulatory messages on special occasions & make new buddies this way. Apart from this, you can also make buddies with new people through other social networking sites including Instagram, Tinder, etc.

Making new friends by joining games, clubs & seminars

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If you’re alone in a city & want to make new buddies then keep up to date on newspapers & on the Internet about seminars, workshops, sports & other activities being organized in that city. Chances are that when you participate in such a program and meet people there & become aware of their views, then you will feel like participating in that program again & again. In this way, you’ll make some new buddies too.

People of all ages in cities have many options for making friends. If you feel lonely or if the city is new to you, you can join a gym, yoga, dance, sports, or cooking class to make new buddies. These are places & hangouts where all kinds of people come. By talking to some of these people, you can be influenced by their ideas & lifestyle, & after all, that is how new buddies are made.

People make friends by extending a helping hand

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If you study in a school, college & other institution & want to make new buddies there, then always be ready to help other boys & girls. If anyone needs class notes, give them. Help them in their studies. Have coffee with him or her in the canteen during lunchtime. When you connect with your class or people around you in this way & are always ready to help, then you’ll get more chances to connect with people & also open the way to make friends with them. Always be helpful & friendly but don’t let others take your friendliness to exploit you or to take you for granted.

Make friends with friends of friends if both of you’ve got a common interest

Whatever old buddies you’ve, they will also be buddies with someone or the other whom you may not know. So if you want to make friends with new people then making friends with friends of friends can be a better option. So you can make friends with your friend’s friends.

Learn to listen to people to make new friends

In today’s time, no one has time to listen to others. If you want to make new buddies then listen to the people around you & give them advice when needed. When you listen to someone genuinely, then that person will also give attention to you & will consider you worthy & a friend at the time of need. In this way, you can win the trust of that person & make him your friend too.

How to make new friends ?. Conclusion

Buddies make our life special. If you don’t have friends then you only exist & you’re not alive truly. Imagine the kind of person you would become if your life consisted only of going to school or office & back home. If you attended school or office & were confined to your home with minimal interaction with the outside world ?. Your life will become very dull & boring. Many people these days lead a life like this when they’ve grown old. This is especially the case with housewives who’re confined to their homes most of the time & don’t make friends outside. Thus they lose confidence. They tend to be socially awkward & eventually don’t like to go out & mingle with people when they get the chance. Many of them even go into depression. Having friends makes life meaningful. They also help in developing our personality.

People who’re surrounded by buddies are truly blessed & are very emotionally strong. They’re more confident than people who don’t have strong friendships. This is because they’ve people around to discuss issues, vent their feelings, seek advice & go out. It can be a lot of fun to be around buddies. Having good buddies is always a blessing. Genuine friends are always there to give emotional support to each other. They cheer us when we are down, help us in studies, travel kilometers with us for shopping & indulge in various fun activities. Friends are an indispensable part of our life. They add vibrancy to our lives. Life without buddies can be quite dull & boring.

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