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What happens after death ?

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What happens after death ?. Is there afterlife ?

What happens after death ?. What happens at the time of death ?. All of us want to know the answer to this intriguing question. Maybe the supreme power/God knows the answer to this question. Whoever is born will have to die. No one has ever escaped death. There are no heavens & there are no hells. Allowing the soul to rise higher & higher it’s a state of heaven. Death is not the finishing line of our existence. Death is the finishing line of our current life. The existence continues.

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What happens after death ? Chakras & the dying process

Chakras & the dying process. What are these ?. Yogis, they’ve mimicked the process of death & have had some insight into what happens at the moment of death. When the moment that death draw nearer the 1st element that gets deliquesce is the element of Earth which is largely located in the Basal Plexus. Mulhadhara Chakra. Mulhadhara means fundamental & basic support. When that support is deliquesced you (body) start disintegrating. What happens next ?. Then this element elevates & goes to the next chakra which is called Hypogastric Plexus or Swadhisthana Chakra. This particular chakra is mainly endowed with the water element. You become shaky & uncertain. You lose confidence. Your hands & feet become colder.

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Now the next thing or movement will take place. This energy would now depart from the Hypogastric Plexus to the Solar Plexus or Nabhi Chakra. This Nabhi Chakra is a Fire element. Nabhi in English means naval. The body above the Nabhi Chakra, navel & above will become warmer. So the person undergoing this will have cold & hot feeling at the same time. Now, this energy from Nabhi Chakra or Solar Plexus rises or reaches the Cardiac Plexus or Anahata Chakra, or the Heart Plexus. This Anahata Chakra’s prevailing or predominant element is Air. The whole system, the entire body starts quivering because of the nature of the Air element. This energy now elevates from this Heart Chakra or the Cardiac Plexus. This energy then reaches out to the Pharyngeal Plexus which is also known as the Kanta Chakra.


Now the soul is ready to exit. The soul would now depart either through the mouth or through the nose or the eyes or the ears. If a person has undergone a tremendous practice & had attained a state of liberation the soul will not exit from any of these points like eyes or nose mouth or ears. But it’ll only exit through Brahmarandra Chakra which is here in the occipital part of our brain. If that soul is so highly advanced at consciousness level it’ll reach out to that dimension. If it’s not so it’ll stay a little lower in the state of limbo & awaits the next birth.

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