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How to stop overthinking and worrying

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Some facts about overthinking & worrying

This blog will guide you on the ways in which you can stop anxiety, overthinking & worrying & go back to clear-headedness & be your normal self & enjoy your life. You’ll be amazed to know that the average human being has over 60,000 thoughts per day. It sounds insane but it’s true. It’s natural for human beings to worry & overthink. But, if it’s left unchecked & not controlled then worrying & overthink can take a toll on your well-being. Your mental health condition will deteriorate if you dwell on the same thoughts over & over again.

Thoughts are very powerful & they became a reality. Whatever you hold & think in your mind constantly is exactly what you’re going to experience in your life. To be successful in life you need to harness the power of thoughts to achieve your dreams in life. People weren’t born as an overthinker. All humans have different & unique patterns in their behavior. Based on people’s different life experiences, these patterns develop & mold over time. These patterns can be learned & unlearned also. You need to identify what causes you to overthink & then take necessary actions to stop worrying too much. But, I know it’s easier said than done. Here I’m going to give you some important & useful tips about how to stop overthinking.

How To Stop Overthinking And Worrying / Why do people overthink and worry ?

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Most of the time, overthinking is due to depression, insecurity & anxiety. Overthinking will make your life complex & your mind will fall into the vicious cycle of thinking about a particular issue over & over again. Overthinking can be stopped by meditation & staying positive. It’s also believed that smoking stops overthinking but it’s a myth & untrue.

Do something new & find a distraction to stop overthinking and worrying

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Involve yourself in a new activity which you love to do. You can learn a new cooking recipe or join a gym to make yourself fitter & healthier. You can take up a new hobby such as gardening or painting or adopt a dog or cat if you can take up the responsibility to take utmost care of them. Adopting a pet will give you good company. That’ll help you to stop overthinking & worrying.

How To Stop Overthinking And Worrying / Meditate & take a deep breath

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Start meditating when you start overthinking & worrying. Close your eyes. Breath deeply. Sit comfortably in your bed or a chair with a straight back with your feet flat on the floor. Relax. It’s impossible to completely get rid of all thoughts while meditating. Your mind will wander towards various things that you need to do, general thoughts, or just normal thoughts based on your mood. All kinds of thoughts will start coming to your mind once you start meditating. Don’t worry. Keep them coming. At some point, these thoughts will disappear. You don’t have to think about anything in particular. Your thought process is whatever you’d like to be. Transcendental meditation recommends meditating for 20 minutes, twice a day. In the beginning, start meditating for 5 to 10 minutes & then gradually increase the meditating session. The best time to meditate is at 4 am & 4 pm.

Do something good for someone else

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Doing something good for someone else selflessly can help you put things in perspective. You can help your friends, colleagues or your relatives who are going through a difficult time. Help your friend by taking care of his child for a few hours or a few precious pieces of advice about who’s in the middle of a divorce. You can pick up groceries or you can cook for your neighbor who’s been sick. Help doesn’t always have to be financial help like lending cash to someone. It can also be mental support & it’s priceless.

Reward & acknowledge your success

Jot down all the things which you’ve done right over the past week & evaluate your role in them. It doesn’t need to be a huge accomplishment. It can be like you stuck to your grocery budget or you washed & cleaned your car. You’ll be surprised to know how these little things add up & do wonders for you.

Value & consider other’s viewpoints

Sometimes, you need to step outside of your usual perspective & thought process. You see the world by your life experiences, values, upbringing & thought processes. Sometimes, you need to value & think from other’s points of view also.

Let bygones be bygones

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Live in the present. Don’t dwell too much on your past mistakes. Always learn from your past mistakes. The past can’t be edited or changed & that’s why it’s Past. The present is a gift & that’s why it’s a Present. You should let go of the past. Don’t let your past mistakes ruin or control your future decisions. Forget & forgive others & let go of your anger & this will stop overthinking & worrying.

Live in the present moment

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Always live yourself in the present moment. This is most important to stop overthinking & worrying too much. Be grateful for what you’ve & don’t complain about what you don’t have. Take conscious decisions & work hard to earn what you don’t have.

Take control of your emotions

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Living in the present doesn’t mean you’ve to bury your negative emotions. Always acknowledge your emotions & identify their root cause. Always be aware of what’s leads you to overthink. Then start making progress to stop overthinking & worrying. Be patient & have faith in your abilities. Never give up.

Identify your problems & focus on solutions

You’ve read it right. You need to identify your problems & focus on solutions. Give your power & energy to find solutions. It’s your life & you only live it once. So, take charge of your life. Do the job which you love & enjoy doing. Mix with the right people who bring the best out of you. Set goals in life & act accordingly. Don’t just procrastinate & lament for what you couldn’t do. Take concrete decisions & make your life extraordinary.

Face your fears

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Some things in everyone’s life will always be out of your control. Always be positive & understand that there’ll always be light at the end of the tunnel. God is just testing his favorite disciple. Don’t run away from your fears. Rather be brave & face it. For example, facing & standing up to a bossy & bully neighbor or taking a solo long drive to chill out.

Ask for help & don’t be shy

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Help is always available & you don’t have to go it alone. Seek help from a qualified therapist or psychologist if needed. Don’t suppress your negative thoughts & anxiety but rather learn how to navigate & face them. Don’t get stuck into the vicious & spiral cycle of overthinking & worrying. It takes iron determination & also the right set of tools to come out of it. Never give up & you’re awesome & you’ll win for sure.

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