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How to protect yourself from Coronavirus ?

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How to protect yourself from Coronavirus ?. Introduction

Coronavirus is rapidly catching people in its grip. The infection is spreading due to the carelessness of the people. You can get the infection from anywhere & anyone. Even if you consider yourself safe while staying at home then you’re still mistaken. You can be a victim of this epidemic even if you stay at home. If someone from your house goes out, then even your entire family can get infected due to his carelessness. You need to take utmost care of yourself & your family. Know some such measures by which you can boost immunity & stay safe. Let’s find out how to protect yourself from coronavirus ?.

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The havoc of Coronavirus is increasing rapidly in the country. At this time, it is common to have cold, cold & normal flu with the changing weather. But due to the coronavirus, fear has settled in the minds of people. People get worried about whether they have become a victim of the corona. The symptoms of corona are also cold, runny nose, cough, fever, etc. The reason people are facing a lot of problems in identifying about it. If you want that you or your family should never get infected with coronavirus, then you need to be a little more careful. Along with this, such things should be consumed which will strengthen your immunity. So that you can be saved from Corona.

Some special safety tips have been given by the World Health Organization & many other research organizations to avoid the coronavirus. Know below what are these tips & how you can protect yourself from corona infection.

How to protect yourself from Coronavirus ?. Symptoms of Coronavirus

Symptoms of coronavirus are not similar. Most of the infected people are showing mild to moderate symptoms & many infected people are recovering without even being admitted to the hospital.

Most common symptoms


Dry cough


Less common symptoms

Pain & stiffness

Sore throat




Taste or smell affected

A rash on the skin or a change in the colour of the fingers or toes

Severe symptoms of corona

Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath

Chest pain or uneasiness

Having trouble speaking

I’m giving you some very important tips to keep yourself & your home away from Corona. If you want to avoid coronavirus, then definitely do these 10 things, the virus will not reach home. If you go out of the house for office or important work, then you’ve to take care of these things the most. You can take care of yourself & your family keeping in mind the rules mentioned below.

If you want to protect yourself from coronavirus, then it’s very important to take care of your lifestyle along with food. Stay away from things like junk food, cold drinks, smoking etc. It’s dangerous for your health. Know some such home remedies by which you can easily keep yourself safe by staying at home.

How to protect yourself from Coronavirus ?. Precautions

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Wear the mask properly

Wear the mask properly while leaving the house. Your nose & mouth should be completely covered by the mask. The mask should fit comfortably & securely on your face. You shouldn’t have trouble breathing in the mask. If you’re using a cloth mask, then wash it thoroughly every day with soap.

6 feet distance

Avoid going to crowded places at this time. Keep a distance of at least 4 to 6 feet from people. The more people you come in contact with, the more the risk of getting infected increases. You can be infected even by people without symptoms.

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Wash hands properly

Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds after coming from outside. If there is no water, then keep cleaning your hands from time to time with a sanitiser containing 60 % alcohol. Do not touch your mouth, eyes & nose at all when you go out.

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Cover your mouth while sneezing & coughing

If you’re not wearing a mask, cover your mouth & nose with a tissue while coughing or sneezing. Apart from this, cover the mouth with your elbow. If you sneeze or cough while wearing the mask, change the mask immediately & wash your hands thoroughly.

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Clean the house frequently

If you come & go out, then you must clean the surfaces of the house & office like tables, door handles, switchboards, countertops, phones, keyboards, toilets, taps, desks & sinks daily. You can use a disinfected product to clean them.

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Take a bath immediately after coming home

If you go out of the office or do any work, then come home and do not touch anything. Go to the bathroom without meeting anyone & take a bath. If bathing is not possible, then after cleaning hands, feet & mouth, change clothes.

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If you’re outside, use a sanitizer

Along with this, cover your mouth with a tissue while sneezing. So that no other person gets infected by it. Immediately throw the used tissue into the dustbin & wash your hands. Always use sanitizer when you’re outside.

Try to avoid hospitals

Don’t go towards such wards even in the hospital where there are coronavirus patients. If you work in a hospital or clinic, then definitely apply a mask & gloves. You must also cover your head.

Sample image of healthy food

Healthy food

Eat only well-cooked food. Homemade food is the best option.

Avoid touching

According to the WHO, if you touch a place, it may be that there is a virus in it. So do not touch the nose, eyes & mouth.

Stay away from children & senior citizens

After coming from anywhere, stay away from children & elders of the house. Such people are most likely to get infected. Take precautions while meeting a sick person in the house.

Avoid sharing

If you go to the office or somewhere outside, then avoid sharing your things. Especially do not share things like your glasses, cups, plates, clothes & towels at all.

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Keep the room warm

Keeping the room warm means that the temperature of your room should be kept above 30 degrees Celsius. According to recent research conducted by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), keeping the room temperature warm also reduces the risk of infection with this virus. It has been said by many scientists so far that this infection will end to a great extent when summer comes. So try to run the AC etc less & keep the room warm.

Take care of your health

If you’ve outside exposure then you must pay attention to your health. Immediately isolate yourself from others if you’ve got a fever, cough, difficulty in breathing, or any symptoms of the corona. Don’t neglect & contact the doctor immediately.

Check fever & oxygen

If you’ve been infected with corona then you’ve to check your temperature regularly. Make sure to check your oxygen level 3 times a day. Gargle in the morning & evening & take steam at least 3 times a day. Take necessary medicines on the advice of the doctor.

How to protect yourself from Coronavirus ?. Conclusion

This is really a testing time for all of us. With protective measures we’ll can avoid getting infected & stay healthy in this pandemic situation. I hope my readers will find this blog helpful & informative. Couple of months ago, I’ve written another blog about health & fitness. The name of the blog is – “How to prevent diabetes ?“. You can read that too if you’re interested to know about diabetes.

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