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How to grow your YouTube Channel ?

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How to grow your YouTube channel fast ?

How to grow your YouTube Channel fast ?. Every aspiring YouTubers wants to know the answer to this question. Don’t you want your YouTube channel to be popular too ?. Every new YouTuber wants his YouTube channel to grow fast & become popular. Talking about today’s trend, almost every person knows something or the other about technology & the internet. There’s also an urge to become Bloggers & YouTubers today. What you should do to promote our YouTube channel ?. Put good & high-quality videos & much more, to grow your YouTube channel.

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Do you want your YouTube channel to grow fast & get a lot of views at the same time ?.

Do you want your 0 Subscriber to be in millions very soon ?.

If you want to know all this then this article is written for you only. If you read it completely, then you’ll understand everything very well. YouTube is a huge platform. Make your mark by sharing your opinion & knowledge. It’s not that easy to be popular on YouTube. But it’s not impossible to make your mark as a YouTuber. But it sure is tough. Some of us are new YouTubers too. Some are growing very fast by creating new YouTube channels. So let’s know which are those master tips that will help to grow your YouTube channel quickly & you too will be able to become a successful YouTuber.

Video Thumbnail

The 2nd step is also very important for you. Your video thumbnail should be good & attractive. It’s very important. If you’re an expert in Video Editing & your communication skill is also very good then you’ll upload awesome videos to your YouTube channel.

But, how do your new users on YouTube know that your videos are good & useful ?. This is the factor where you need to pay a lot of attention.

You’ll not get views & subscribers if your Video Thumbnail is not good. No matter how many good videos you make. It’s all in vain. Your Video Thumbnail must be eye-catching which will lure your new users to click on your video. Your 1st weapon to bring any user’s attention to your video is your video thumbnail. If you want to create cool & eye-catching Thumbnails then you can try on Canva & it’s free.

Upload & SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very powerful factor in both these fields whether you do blogging or you’re a YouTuber. SEO is very important in both these cases. This is the factor that boosts your videos or blog. Many new YouTubers don’t know about SEO. You must know the role of SEO. This goes a long way in increasing the views of your YouTube channel & your YouTube videos.

Some ways to make YouTube videos SEO friendly –

You need to have a basic knowledge of SEO. Most of the new YouTubers do not pay attention to the following things, such as – Video File Name, Video Title, Video Description, Video Thumbnails, Video Tags, Video Quality & Keyword research & more. All these things are very important for SEO Optimize & Search Ranking to improve your videos.

You’ve to rename the name of the video which you want to upload on your YouTube channel with the same name. Only after doing this upload that video. Be sure to use your Target Keyword in the description & tag of your videos. If you don’t know what a keyword is, then read it on Wikipedia. If you do this then it’ll help a lot to grow your YouTube Channel. SEO acts as the backbone in increasing your Youtube Channel Views. Always remember this.

Now let’s know about the next way to grow your YouTube channel.


Let’s say that you’ve created a YouTube channel. Then you’ve started uploading good videos in it. You’ve started making your videos thumbnail awesome too & finally have learned about SEO. But, is this enough to grow your YouTube channel ?. No that’s not enough. Collaboration is also necessary to grow your YouTube channel. A collab with another YouTuber can get you lots of views & Subscribers.

What’s video collaboration or collab ?.

Let me tell you the direct meaning of this. Any YouTuber who introduces another YouTuber on his channel or takes an interview is called Collaboration. In the beginning, it’s not necessary for you to collab with any YouTuber or any YouTuber who may not be interested in collab with you. Right now you don’t need to send a collaboration request to any big YouTubers. It’s because there are more chances that they’ll refuse to collab with you. In the beginning, you should request only those YouTubers whose Subscribers are around 500 to 2000. I sincerely hope they’ll not refuse you.

Comments & Share

Responding to a user’s comment indicates engagement between you & that user. Doing this will make both your viewers & subscribers feel good & a deep & positive bond will form between you & them.

Do you know why a video goes viral & ranks top in YouTube Tending ?. The answer to this is very simple. Any video which has gone viral or trending on YouTube depends on the likes & comments of that video. The more the video gets likes & comments, the more the video will be viral. So always pay attention to the comment section.

After commenting comes the turn of sharing. What’s the use of uploading a YouTube video if your video doesn’t reach the audience ?. So keep this in mind too. Share as many of your YouTube videos as possible on Social Network Sites. For example, create accounts on all social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn & Pinterest, etc. Share all your videos with your friends.

If you follow these given tips then your YouTube channel will start growing very soon. You’ll also see a substantial increase in the viewers & subscribers of your YouTube Channel in no time.

How to grow your YouTube channel fast ? Conclusion

Many new YouTubers might not know these essential tips to increase their YouTube Channel’s Viewers & Subscribers quickly. According to my guide if any new YouTubers will follow these steps then their YouTube Channel will be popular soon. But the content of the video must be interesting & good. There’re many more people like you who want to make their career on YouTube. So please share this post as much as you can. If you’ve any questions in your mind then comment & ask me. Lastly, never give up & stay focused. You’ll be successful for sure.

I hope you’ll like this article – “How to grow your YouTube Channel fast ?”. You can also read another useful article of mine – “How to earn passive income online ?”. See you in the next post.

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