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Russia And Ukrainian Conflict

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Russia And Ukraine Conflict / Introduction

On 24th February 2022, a Thursday morning, the world’s superpower Russia started firing missiles at its neighboring country Ukraine. There was fear of conflict among people. In no time it became clear that this was a war. After all, why did President Putin attack Ukraine, which was part of the USSR ?. Let’s understand in 10 points why the war started between Russia & Ukraine ?. Why did Russia attack Ukraine ?. What does Russia want from Ukraine ?. Why did the 2 neighboring countries become enemies of each other ?. Why did Russia start firing its missiles at Ukraine ?. The world is seeking answers to many questions (Russia And Ukrainian Conflict). Let’s find out why Russia has declared war in this area of ​​Eastern Europe ?.

Russia And Ukrainian War
Russia And Ukrainian War. People showing their support for Ukraine

Russia And Ukrainian Conflict / Russia & Ukraine are siblings

Just as independent India & Pakistan came into existence on the same day, the Russian Republic & Ukraine also came into existence on the same day. This day was 25th December 1991. Soviet Russia (USSR) disintegrated & 15 new countries were formed on this day. These 15 countries also included Ukraine & Russia. Before 1991, Soviet Russia used to lead the Communist block in the world’s 2 polar systems. Russia had strong competition & a fierce rivalry with America. The Cold War, known as the period from 1945 to 1991, saw both countries on the brink of war. Capitalist America was victorious & successful in this race. On 25th December 1991, the USSR was divided into 15 countries. Therefore, the USA rose to become the world’s leader.

Russia was blown away in 1991

Many Russians felt humiliated by the dissolution of the USSR in 1991. Since the USSR was divided into several parts, Russia was the leader of 15 republics. At that time, the Russian economy was very weak. With much heartbreak, he had to witness the demise of his empire. America continued to suppress Russia even after the dissolution of the USSR. Through the military organization NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), the US began to feed the former USSR countries & began controlling them.

NATO has turned Eastern Europe into a diplomatic arena

The former Soviet Union split into 15 countries in 1991. They’re Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russian, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, & Uzbekistan. 3 of these 15 countries became members of NATO in 2004. They’re – “Latvia, Lithuania & Estonia”. Now, America has reached Russia’s neck. Because these 3 countries located in the Baltic region came out of the USSR & their borders met with Russia. There’s an agreement between the NATO countries that if any 1 country of NATO is attacked, then all the members of NATO will consider it as an attack on themselves & will respond with their military force. There are currently 30 countries in NATO. Through NATO, America began the siege of Russia.

Ukraine wants to become a NATO member but Putin does not approve at all

The borders of Ukraine & Russia meet. Ukraine also sought NATO membership as a means of increasing its strength. Ukraine, taking advantage of its geographical location, started demanding membership in NATO from the USA. Putin was very perturbed by this move of Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Vladimir Putin began sending his army to Ukraine’s border. This is the immediate reason for Russia’s tension with Ukraine.

Russia And Ukrainian Conflict / Putin calls Ukraine a Western puppet

Putin openly refers to Ukraine as a puppet of the West. Russia says that NATO member countries, including the US, should give written guarantees that they’ll not conduct their military activities in Eastern Europe & Ukraine. Putin also claims that Ukraine was never an independent country.

Russia And Ukrainian Conflict / This was the agenda of Putin since 1999

Putin also didn’t sit silent when American activities in Eastern Europe were intensifying under the guise of NATO. He has already said that if it’s under his control, he’ll reverse the disintegration of the USSR. Putin’s entry into Russian politics takes place in 1999. He becomes the President in 2000. Putin has been working to correct the alleged historic mistake of 1991 ever since. In 1999, Putin annexed Chechnya to Russia. He has been working to ‘correct’ the alleged ‘historic mistake’ of 1991 ever since. Putin took the same strategic step in 2008 as he’s taking today. He recognized the 2 states of Georgia, which were part of the USSR, as independent countries & made his military base there.

Capture of Crimea

Putin annexed Crimea in 2014, which belonged to Ukraine. Crimea is on the Black Sea. It’s close to both Ukraine & Russia. Most of the people here speak Russian. Putin 1st made a Pro-Russian government here, then sent his army & occupied this area.

Russia has a huge cultural influence over Ukraine

The Russian occupation of Crimea put the US & NATO in tension. According to America, the existence of Ukraine’s sovereign state was at risk if Russia were not stopped. So, efforts to integrate Ukraine into NATO have been made. But Putin was opposing it. The population of Ukraine is heavily influenced by Russia. Here 1 in 5 people speak Russian. Russia has left its cultural mark here. The eastern part of Ukraine considers itself closer to Russia, whereas the western part is closer to Europe. This is the battle for supremacy in this country. The eastern part of Ukraine is adjacent to Russia & people here speak Russian. While in the west it is just the opposite. Russian elites use this cultural influence to justify the union of eastern Ukraine with Russia.

By recognizing Luhansk & Donetsk as sovereign countries, Putin had told his intentions

President Putin 1st recognized 2 Ukrainian territories, Luhansk & Donetsk, as independent countries. Both these territories are located in this eastern region of Ukraine. Here Russia gives air to separatist forces under the strategy & openly describes this region as part of the historical republic of Russia, citing history & geography. Working on this strategy, Putin recognized 2 troubled regions of Ukraine as sovereign nations on 21st February.

Russian missiles started roaring in Kyiv as soon as possible

Now the world got an idea of ​​Russia’s next step. Putin gradually sent his army toward these 2 states. But, Russia does not describe the attack on Ukraine as annexation. Russia claims that it wants to liberate the people of Ukraine from Ukrainian tyranny. On February 24th, when ballistic missiles started wreaking havoc in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv early in the morning, Russia once again said that it is launching this attack to liberate the people of Ukraine & has no intention to capture the cities.

Russia And Ukrainian Conflict / Conclusion

Russia And Ukrainian War Image
The devastation of Russia And the Ukrainian Conflict

During the war, young people don’t know each other. They don’t hate each other but kill each other as a result of the decisions of the dirty politicians who know each other but don’t kill each other. Volodymyr Zelenskyy could’ve filled up a plane with lots of money & escape Ukraine. But he didn’t. He could hand the country to the Russians. But he didn’t. This is an example of great honor & valor. He’s the real hero in this fake world. War will end if Russia ceases to fight. But if Ukraine stops fighting there’ll be no more Ukraine. Those who want war don’t go to war. But people who don’t want war, do go to war. Sooner or later, Russia & Vladimir Putin will have to pay the price for their greed & actions against Ukraine. Because what goes around always comes around.

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