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How to earn passive income online

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Earn passive income online / A step by step guidance

How to earn passive income online ?. People are trying to find out the most effective & efficient ways to earn passive income online. There was a time when there was no Internet in the world & it was still a better world but not technologically advanced though. Now, this is the 21st century & an era of – “Digital Marketing” & now anyone with moderate computer knowledge can earn money online with a click of a mouse. But you should be skilled & have good knowledge in your area of expertise & it can be – “Blogging, video editing, forex trading, cryptocurrency, online data entry, online teaching, etc”.

One can make a very lucrative income & career from working from home & earn passive income online. The best thing about working from home & earning money online is that you can do the work in the comfort of your own home. Many companies have options for flexible hours of work & which is an added advantage because anyone can work without stressing out of being a night owl or an early morning guy. You can work at any time, be it at night, afternoon or morning as per your convenience but as long as you meet the deadline & the quality of your work is good with no errors & then your employer is happy &  satisfied.

Every single person wants to be rich & financially free. But there’s a popular saying that if you chase money then it runs away but if you chase your passion then money will chase you. The saying is very true. All the billionaires have 1 thing in common & that is each one of them has made money out of their passion. All the billionaires didn’t follow the same genre. Every person has a different liking for different things like literature, fashion, science, computer, automobiles, technology, jewelry, art, e-commerce, etc. So, always follow your passion to earn money & be very good at it. The Internet has given a solid platform to people in enhancing their creativity & skill & showing it to the world. It’s always the dream of everyone to earn from what they love to do. It’s the dream of everyone to earn passive income online.

There are plenty of ways in which you can earn passive income online.

Earn Passive Income Online / Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer Image

If you’ve got a passion for writing & you can change the world & humanity with the power of words then you can join any freelancing website &  give a platform for your voice. The pen is mightier than the sword. Work hard & write well to get the readers to be influenced. The opportunity for creative & content writers has only been increasing by leaps & bounds. There are many freelance websites like – “Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, Upwork, Guru, Fiverr” etc.

Earn Passive Income Online / Freelance Graphic & Logo Designer

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Logo design has a huge demand in the online market. Every company that has a website of their own or any newly start-up organization needs a graphic designer to design their unique brand logo. A logo is a symbol, an entity that represents who they’re. So if you know how to design unique logos according to the client’s requirements then you can earn huge by designing logo only. You can create an account in Fiverr & create a Gig for logo designing. At the beginning stage, you can charge anything between $ 5 to $ 10 for a logo design & later you can increase your rate when you’ve completed at least 10 projects & have good client feedback.

So, logo designing has a huge demand & so choose a freelance website & apply. If you’re good at logo designing then you can earn passive income online. This field completely depends upon your creativity & uniqueness. If you can provide quality content to your customer then you’ll get more work & earn more money. These websites have no geographical restrictions & you can easily get customers from all over the world & expand your business globally.

Blogging like a Professional :

Blogging Sample Image

Do you’ve got a passion for writing & spreading awareness on various global issues ?. If yes, then Blogging is the right platform for you to follow your passion & earn passive income online.

Many beginners start their blogging journey with a free blog hosting service such as – Blogger. In a free blog hosting platform, you don’t need any knowledge about page scripting, coding, or website development. You can straightway concentrate on your article & your niche. Also, starting a blog with a free blog hosting platform is risk-free as there’s no investment from your end. Blogs are organized in chronological order & your latest blog post is displayed at the top. When you gradually gain traffic & visitors to your blog page & you’re confident about your content writing skills & can do proper SEO, both on-page & off-page then you can purchase your domain from any good hosting service provider. There are many good & reliable hosting service providers available in the market like – Bluehost, GoDaddy, bigrock, HostGator, A2hosting, Hostinger, etc.

Now, you’ve to choose a domain name for your blog. A domain name should be short & simple which is easy to remember. Avoid using numbers & hyphens in a domain name. A domain name in the .com zone is always preferable as .com is the most popular worldwide & best for Google ranking. A domain in .net, .xyz, .online, or .biz is a strict No. Your domain can also be your full name if it’s not a very popular name. You can blog about anything under your domain name. I’ve written a very comprehensive & detailed article about – “How to become a successful blogger”. You can check that article also & you’ll know many things about how to start your blog.

Blogging can be done on any topic under the sun. When there are at least 20 blogs on your website & your website is 2 months old then you can apply for Adsense or media.net to monetize your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Image for the article How To Earn Passive Income Online

It’s  1 of the easiest & lucrative ways to earn passive income online from the comfort of your home & all credits to the digital era in which we’ll are living.

You’ve to find affiliate products that you can promote on your website. There are many affiliate networks like Amazon, CJ Affiliate, ShareASale, rewardStyle, WarriorPlus, ClickBank. Depending on your niche & interest, you could even partner directly with these affiliate network companies. Most of these companies offer very handsome affiliate commissions of about 30 % to even 70 %. So, you can earn lots of dollars as per your sale. All you’ve to do is to create a proper landing page on your website & promote the product with your affiliate link. Once someone buys that product from the link provided by you, you get a commission for the sale.


Many people have the required knowledge & skill but don’t know from where to start. Nowadays, there are many freelancing websites, where you can get freelance work as per your expertise from all over the world. People can easily avail those services from another country without any hassle & paperwork. These freelance websites act as a mediator & bridge the gap between customers & clients. All you’ve to do is to upload your resume & mention your skills & experiences. The person in need will directly or indirectly approach you based on their requirement.


There are a variety of jobs available in different fields. Here are some of the most popular jobs mentioned below.

1) Content Writing –

Content Writer Image for the article How To Earn Passive Income Online

If you’ve got a passion for writing blogs or articles then there are several freelancing websites like – “InfoBeat, BloggersPath, Meldium, ReadWrite, etc” where you can write articles & get paid for it. There are several topics you can choose to write about – “lifestyle, health, food, makeup, sports, social issues, etc”. So, according to your strength, use your skills to earn money. This is another way to earn passive income online.

2) App Developer

App Developer Image for the article How To Earn Passive Income Online

App developers have a  great & increasing demand in the market by software & IT companies. For example, your Smartphone surely has 10 -20 apps. So, there’s always a demand for gaming apps, photo & video editing apps, social networking apps, music apps, language learning apps, etc & is rising every day. You can create your unique app & upload it to Google Play Store or Apple Store & wait for the approval. They’ll contact you at the email address provided by you. This is also another way to earn passive income online.

3) Website Designer

Website Design advertising image for the article How To Earn Passive Income Online

With the advancement of technology, the online market has grown rapidly. Now every business owner needs a website for their business, no matter whether it’s an e-commerce, automobile, or IT. If you can design & create websites according to clients’ different needs then this is 1 of the best way to earn money online. WordPress is the best platform for creating websites. It’s because WordPress is extremely user-friendly & has lots of features that are best for website development. It’s the most compatible & suitable for any type of website.

4) Write & publish a Kindle eBook

Kindle eBook Image

If you’re good at researching & writing, then with the Kindle store, you can publish an eBook & make money on Amazon. Kindle app is available on both Android & Apple devices & so the demand is huge.

You can list your book for $ 10 – $ 20 & earn 50 % – 70 % of the sale. Amazon is the ultimate selling machine & this is a fabulous deal. The key to success with eBooks is to create value & you can write both fiction & non-fiction. The content should be good & informative for the readers.

Your eBook should’ve got a great cover so it stands out from the rest & once your book is live on the Kindle store. When your eBook starts to get some reviews then it’ll show up higher in the search results. You should encourage the readers to leave an honest review & that’ll help your future writing work.

The best thing about this great idea of publishing & selling eBooks is that once you’ve invested the time (say 20 – 24 hours), you’ll keep on earning a passive income online for many years to come.

5) Gigs on Fiverr & other freelance websites

Fiverr is 1 of the world’s largest marketplaces for people to make money by selling small services also known as – “Gigs”. You can offer services like content writing, data entry, transcription, Logo design, photo & video editing, etc & can earn money. There are many freelance websites where you can create an account – “Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, Upwork, Guru, Fiverr” etc.

The base price is $ 5 in Fiverr but you can offer extra services to gigs for more money. Lots of people are earning well from these freelance websites. This is the platform where you can earn passive income online & it has no limits for earning if you’re good at your work.

6) Review music for money

Music Review Image for the article How To Earn Passive Income Online

If you’ve got an ear for music then you can make it your business by reviewing unsigned bands & artists online for cash with panm360. Once you’ve built a reputation then you can start earning decent by reviewing music.

7) Sell your photos

If you’ve got a good eye & a little creativity then you can upload your photographs for free to stock websites & get paid once someone buys your photo. You can sell your photos starting from $ 10 – $ 100 or even more.

You can sell your photos on – “Shutterstock, EyeEm, Flickr ”, etc. This is also a great platform to earn passive income online.

8) Dog walking & sitting

Dog Walking & Sitting Image

If you’re not fond of babies then maybe canines are. Dog sitting is a big business & many people earn a decent income by taking care of other people’s dogs. College students & even self-employed persons are likely to have free time during the day when others are out at work & worried about their pets at home. You could charge around $ 10 – $ 15 an hour per dog & it’s also a great way to keep fit.

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