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Japan VS Spain, FIFA World Cup 2022

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Japan VS Spain / FIFA World Cup 2022 Match Study

Match photo of Japan VS Spain, FIFA World Cup 2022, Group Stage Match of FIFA World Cup 2022 (Image from skysports.com)
Image Source – Japan VS Spain, FIFA World Cup 2022, Group Stage Match of FIFA World Cup 2022 (Image from skysports.com)

Japan VS Spain FIFA World Cup 2022. Currently, Japan is 2nd in the group with 3 points. If Japan wins against Spain, they will go to the Round Of 16 from the top of the group. But if they lose the match, they’ll be eliminated. If Japan draws & the Costa Rica VS Germany match is a draw, Japan will advance to the next round on goal difference. Meanwhile, if Japan draws the match & Costa Rica wins, then Japan will be eliminated. Costa Rica is 3rd in the group with 3 points. Costa Rica will advance directly to the next round if they win. If Costa Rica draws this, they’ll have to beat Japan to advance to the next round. If both Japan & Costa Rica match ends in a draw then the goal difference will decide the ticket to the next round.

Spain is currently at the top of the group with 4 points. If Spain wins against Japan, they’ll top the group & go through to the next round. But, if Spain draws & Costa Rica wins against Germany, Luis Enrique’s side will qualify for the Round Of 16 from 2nd place in the group. But, if Spain loses to Japan & Costa Rica loses to Germany on the other hand, then Spain will be eliminated. Meanwhile, even if Spain loses, Spain will advance to the next round if Germany wins against Costa Rica.

Japan VS Spain / FIFA World Cup 2022/ Too many equations

Germany will face Costa Rica in their last match in the group league. Germany is in the worst position in Group E. Their points are 1 in 2 matches. They not only have to win their matches but also have to look at the results of other matches. To advance to the next round, the 1st requirement for Germany is a win against Costa Rica. On the other hand, Japan has to lose against Spain. If Japan draws with Spain, Germany must win by 2 or more goals to qualify for the next round. Spain will go to the knockout if they draw. If Japan doesn’t win, the numbers will be a little more complicated.

Alvaro Morata wrote history by scoring in 3 consecutive matches in the group stage. In the beginning, Japan lost by consuming a goal. Spain is not allowing the ball to be put on Japan’s feet. So far no such attack has been seen by Japan. Spain keeps Japan under pressure. Alvaro Morata is playing very active football.

The battle continues

Another match photo of Japan VS Spain, FIFA World Cup 2022, Group Stage Match of FIFA World Cup 2022 (Image from skysports.com)
Image Source – Japan VS Spain, FIFA World Cup 2022, Group Stage Match of FIFA World Cup 2022 (Image from skysports.com)

Spain continues to play passes around. Between themselves they are playing so many passes, the Japanese players are getting tired of chasing after the ball. However, if Spain does not increase the goal difference, then Luis Enrique’s boys are under pressure. Because you can never write Japan off even when they play defensively. That’s how good a team Japan is. Dani Olmo took a shot at the goal. But Shogo Taniguchi slides & blocks. Japan is tired of handling defenses. In the 1st half, the specified 45 minutes of play is over. 1 minute of injury time is awarded. Spain leads 1-0 at the break. Japan couldn’t attack much. However, Spain will also need to increase the gap in the 2nd half. If not, there may be a problem.

The 2nd half of the game begins. Spain will be under pressure if they don’t score. Japan can score at any time. Substitute Ritsu Doan equalized for Japan early in the 2nd half. Doan equalized by taking advantage of the complacency and heartlessness of the Spanish players. Spain’s defenders are undoubtedly at fault. Now it’s Ao Tanaka’s 2nd goal. What a stunning comeback from Japan. Blue Samurai showed that they are not giving up. The ball was going out. Doubts were expressed about the goal. But with the help of VAR, it can be seen that the ball didn’t go out of the field. There’s no doubt about the goal.

Complacency cost Spain to lose the Game

Going 2-1, Japan increased the pressure on Spain. After consuming 2 goals in a row, Spain fell under pressure. Their confidence was shocked. The team that gave 7 goals to Costa Rica, they’re gone. Spain took Japan lightly. But Spain forgot that Japan has defeated mighty Germany in the Group Stage. 75 minutes have passed. But Spain could not score an equalizer after the break. Japan is defending with 10 people. If Enrique’s boys lose in this match, then the Asian team Japan will be the topper in this group E over Germany & Spain. After beating Germany to their crown, beating Spain will also add another glorious feather. Japan has no desire to score. They’re busy holding the lead. Spain is still 1-2 behind Japan after a draw with Germany. Time’s running out for Spain.

7 minutes of injury time is awarded. The result of the game is still 2-1 in favor of Japan.

Match Conclusion

Japan is like a new & bright sunrise on the world football stage. After Germany, defeating a heavyweight team like Spain on sheer numbers, was not a fluke at all. But that’s what Blue Samurai did. Beat Spain 2-1 in a fast pace game. Along with that, they have reached the Round Of 16 as the toppers of Group E. Brilliant performance from Japan. Spain went to the knockout as the 2nd team from Group E. There, Germany won 4-2 but was eliminated due to the goal difference. When Japan beat Germany in their 1st match, many cynics said the win had come in fluke. But Japan has done it again by defeating another top-tier team like Spain. Japan’s twin victories are not a fluke for sure. It’s a pure skill & never gives up attitude. Blue Samurai wrote history by defeating Spain & Germany.

Japan finished top of the group in the last 16 despite 2 strong opponents. This is like a renaissance in football in Japan & Asia. 0-1 down but a 2-1 win for Japan at the end. Solving equations with absolute perfection. The new sunrise for Japan. They beat Spain & went to the Round Of 16 as the toppers of Group E. Spain reached the knockouts as the 2nd team. Germany & Costa Rica were knocked out.

Team1 H2 HFinal Score
Japan VS Spain / Final Score

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