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Argentina VS Australia, FIFA World Cup 2022

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Argentina VS Australia / FIFA World Cup 2022 / Round Of 16

Match photo of Argentina VS Australia, FIFA World Cup 2022, Round Of 16 (Image from indianexpress.com)
Image Source – Argentina VS Australia, FIFA World Cup 2022, Round Of 16 (Image from indianexpress.com)

Argentina VS Australia, FIFA World Cup 2022. History tells us that Australia has won the 1st of the 7 times that Argentina-Australia has met so far. Australia defeated Argentina for the 1st time in Sydney in 1988. After that, in 1993, Australia also drew with Maradona’s team. But, Argentina is ahead in statistics. Argentina has won 5 out of 7 times. 1 match was drawn & 1 was won by Australia. The 2 teams last met in an international friendly in Sydney in 2007. That time Argentina won by 1 goal.

Neither team had a shot on target at the start of the game

Early setback for Argentina. Ángel Fabián Di María has been ruled out due to injury. Neither team has had a shot on target yet. 10 minutes into the match, Argentina still has 72 % possession of the ball. Argentina, however, is not in the same rhythm as they were in the Round of 16. They need to be a little more aggressive & pick up quick goals. Apart from a small attack or 2, Argentina was not seen to do anything sensational. Messi is still not showing hope. Gomez, who replaced Di María in the XI, couldn’t keep the ball on target. Otherwise, the result of the game could’ve been different.

Goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal – Messi Magic Again

What a stunning goal in the 1000th match. Messi was nowhere to be found before 35 minutes. But Messi did the real thing. This is the 1st time Messi has scored in the knockout phase of the World Cup. The way Messi dribbled the ball through the Aussie defender’s legs & into the net proved why he’s undoubtedly the best player in the world. Stunning goal. His total number of goals on the World Cup stage stood at 9. Before him, there’s only Batistuta. His number of goals for Argentina is 10. This is the most goals scored by an Argentinian footballer on the World Cup stage. This time, Messi is moving forward intending to surpass Gabriel Batistuta.

Half Time

The 1st half is over. It hasn’t been the best football so far. Neither team played very well. However, Argentina is ahead of Messi-Magic. That 1 eye-catching goal is the oxygen of the match. Argentina is leading by 1 – 0 thanks to Messi’s goal.

The 2nd half of the game begins. Argentina leads with Messi’s goal. However, the goal difference should be increased. Holding on to a 1 – 0 lead is difficult. As a knockout match, the pace of the game was not as fast as it should’ve been. Australia is still behind. The match has become a bit 1 sided.

Goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal – Argentina made it 2 – 0

Australia suffered another goal in the 57th minute due to the costly error of the Australian goalkeeper Mathew Ryan. Australia’s defense is at fault. They couldn’t stand up to Argentina’s attack. Ryan should’ve cleared the ball quickly. Without doing that, Ryan was probably not clear to himself what he wanted to do with the ball through Messi & Julián Álvarez. Australia suffered the goal because of his error of judgment. Julian Alvarez took the ball from his feet & put it into the empty net.

Julián Álvarez & Marcos Javier Acuña were replaced byLautaro Javier Martínez & Nicolás Alejandro Tagliafico in the 72nd minute of the game. Now 3 changes on the Australian side in the 73rd minute of the game. Miloš Degenek, Mitchell Duke & Mathew Allan Leckie were replaced by Jamie MacLaren, Fran Karačić & Garang Kuol.

Goaaaaaaaaal – Australia now scored a Goal but thanks to Enzo Fernández

Great effort by Goodwin. Australia narrowed the gap at the right time & in the 77th minute of the game. But the goal is for Argentina’s Enzo Jeremías Fernández. Craig Alexander Goodwin’s powerful shot into the box hit Enzo’s head & into the net. Can Australia change the fate of the game from here by leveling the score now ?.

Final whistle / Argentina won & advances to the Quarter Final Round

The final whistle blew. Argentina snatched a stunning victory. They won the match by 2 – 1 & reached the Quarter Final Round. In this match, Messi’s magic defeated Australia. Along with that, there was a big mistake by Australia’s goalkeeper Ryan. Because of this, Argentina scored the 2nd goal. Now, Argentina will face the Netherlands in the Quarter Final Round. Argentina was the favorite in their face-off against Australia in the 2nd match of the Round of 16. Messi’s team played like favorites & reached the Quarter-Finals. In the last 8, they’ll face the Netherlands, who beat America to reach the Quarter-Finals.

Lionel Mess – He did it again for Argentina

Argentina VS Australia, FIFA World Cup 2022. Lionel Messi playing against Australia (Image Source - "dknation.draftkings.com & cdn.vox-cdn.com)
Lionel Messi playing against Australia (Image Source – “dknation.draftkings.com & cdn.vox-cdn.com)

LioMessi is the peddler of dreams again. He’s a wizard for sure. His left leg is a beauty. Messi is in top form at this World Cup. He scored another cracker of a goal for Argentina in this match. Messi set a record in his 1000th match. He overtook the great all-time great Diego Armando Maradona & scored a total of 9 goals for Argentina on the World Cup stage. Maradona scored 8 goals & Gabriel Batistuta scored the most goals for Argentina. His number of goals is 10.

Argentina reached the Quarter-Finals after defeating Australia by 2 – 1 in the last 16 of the World Cup. Apart from Messi, Julián Álvarez scored another beautiful goal for Argentina. Australia’s goal was also scored by Argentina. Enzo Jeremías Fernández scored a suicide goal by accident.

Team1 H2 HFinal Score
Argentina VS Australia / Final Score

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