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How to Train a Dog ?

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How to train a Dog ?. Introduction

Dog breeders want their dogs to be obedient & smart too. When he asks her to shake hands, he shakes hands, when he asks her to bow in front of the guests for respect, he bows. If you also want to train your dog, then follow these tips. It’s a good idea to train your pet dog to keep him mentally & physically active. Pet Owners need the patience to train their dogs.

Milo eat. Cody let us bathe you. Murphy handshake. Toby Sit Down. Chase Stand Up. Scout Go upstairs. Have you ever asked your dog such questions ?. Of course, you’ve asked your dog. But does the dog respond in response to these things & accept all your words. If not, your dog will accept now. In this article, I’ll guide you step by step on how to train your dog. We know that animals are speechless. Dogs can’t speak our language but they can understand. They can’t answer your questions but they can understand what you say. If your dog is small now, this is the perfect time to teach him your language.


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If you want to remind your dog of the names of different types of food then whenever you give him food ask him- Milo will drink milk. Wait for 2 minutes & then put the cup of milk in front of him. In the same way, you will repeat the same process when you feed your dog bread, chicken, mutton, etc. Remember, if you cheat on him, then he’ll never learn your language. That is, every time you give milk, keep the same cup of milk in front of it. If you say chicken then give only chicken. While doing so, try to make sure that the dog is looking at you because these animals also express your facial expressions well.


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Whenever you go to bathe then talk to your dog. Milo let’s take a bath. Repeat the same word over & over again & then pour water over him. By doing this, again & again, he’ll understand that the word “bathing” means bathing. 1 day it’ll happen that when someone else says the same word to him, he’ll start snoring. This is not because your dog doesn’t want to give her or him the right to bathe anyone else. But because your dog is afraid of water. But all dogs are not afraid of water. Some dogs also love to bathe & fond of water.


Standing, sitting, getting up & going. All these are actions that are generally known & understood by all pet dogs. But most dogs do not obey unless you gesture with your hand. But if you want him to understand & obey your commands like Milo Sit Down & he sits down then you’ve to train him from childhood. Talk to your dog from their childhood. If you say – Milo Sit Down & if he’s not sitting then force him to sit. Stand up & if he’s not standing then force him to stand. Similarly tell him about different rooms of the house, garden, terrace, etc. from childhood.

Image of a dog shaking hands for the blog how to train a dog ?

If you want to teach your dog the word drawing-room then tell him to go to the drawing-room. Your dog won’t go 1st time. So take him with you. In the same way, if you do it again & again, your dog will begin to understand the words drawing room, bedroom, hall, terrace, kitchen, garden, outside, inside, etc. Your dog will start doing the same thing once you say it in a few days.

Dogs never like to be tied. If you want to persuade him then whenever you tie him with a chain say to him again & again let’s tie it. They also insist on making a circle in the same way as the children of the house. To teach him the word “walk”, whenever you have to walk your dog somewhere, 1st ask him – Milo will go for a walk. Then when you sit in your vehicle. You must say with your mouth – Milo, let’s go for a walk. He’ll begin to understand by hearing these words of yours again & again. Then in the future whenever you or your family members tell him – Milo will go for a walk, he will jump for joy.


You don’t have to train your dog from the 1st day. 1st you create a little training environment. Spend some time with him. It’ll have the advantage that he’ll listen to you quickly & will follow you. Take him for a walk outside the house so that your dog can socialize. While walking outside make sure that he walks with you & does not run ahead of you. At the same time, in between keep giving the command to sit up & the command to get up. When your dog follows your command then pat him on the head. Use words like Good Boy Milo. My Love Baby. Well done Milo. Treat him when your dog follows your command so that he’ll know he’ll get a reward when he obeys your command.

How to train a Dog ?. The right way to eat

In the early days, when you give your dog anything to eat, he has a habit of jumping on you or jumping on the food all of a sudden. This can also cause injury to you or your dog. You’ve to adopt this method to improve their habit Whenever you give them something to eat & if your dog jumps then you’ve to immediately put your hand back & stop it & refuse. Say words like this – No bad manners. Don’t do that. This is to use words like this wrong & bad behavior. Or you’ve to command it from whatever local language you use.

You’ve to do this until it stops jumping & jerking & until you feed it to yourself. By adopting this method your dog will understand & it will settle in its mind that it is wrong to do so. When your dog starts eating well on your command then pat him on his head & love him. Your dog will understand that he’ll get something to eat only when he behaves well. In 3 – 4 days, you’ll get rid of this habit of your dog.

How to train a Dog ?. Teach them to get up, sit down & shake hands

Dogs are playful. Take your dog to an open place. Then give commands to sit & get up & shake hands in between. In the early days, your dog may not take your word for it but keep repeating the process. You’ve to do this work by giving a little bit of time every day. If you try to teach it in 1 day then your dog will get upset & he’ll not be able to learn. So you’ve to keep in mind that you’ve to teach a little bit every day. In a few days, he’ll start obeying you. Whenever your dog obeys you then you should love him, caress him under its neck and & give your dog a treat to eat. If your dog doesn’t agree with you, then you should ignore it & have patience. He’ll soon understand you & will follow your command.

There’s another problem with many of you that as soon as you open your dog’s leash, he gets very excited & starts running & jumping here & there & is out of your control. Dogs do this to get your attention & to get your attention. You play with your dogs or when the dog is happy or in a fun mood. But your dog bites your hands & feet with its mouth which we call play biting which is what most dogs do. How to improve their habit ?. Whenever it does play biting, you’ve to hold the control with the strap tied around its neck & hold it to give the “No” command so that it understands. Then you’ve to put your hand on its head as soon as it bites your hand. All you’ve to do is remove your hand & scold & keep giving refusing commands.

It may take some time to learn this but it will be learned gradually. You’ve to get used to it then it’ll stop playing biting. An important thing is that whenever you give play biting then keep it tied with the help of a leash, chain, or lace. If you don’t give training by keeping it close, then it starts running here & there. You’ve to keep in mind is that whenever you open your dog’s leash & he starts to run then you don’t have to run after it. Because your dog wants you to chase him & try to catch him. You don’t have to do that.

You’ve to stand in 1 place or sit down & call him. If your dog doesn’t come at your call then you can lure him with some treat. Then as soon as your dog comes to you you’ve to give him the command to sit. Then tie your dog again with a leash. After a while, you’ve to open the leash again. If your dog tries to jump & run again then you’ve to stop him & get angry. When your dog obeys you & starts taking your command then you can give him a treat. Repeating this process over & over again creates a pattern in their minds that they don’t have to do this & they have to obey you. All you need to do is to do regular training to get it right.

Whenever you take your dog out for a walk, he gets very excited & starts running here and there & starts sniffing things. This is leash pulling which is a very common problem with most dog owners. In such a situation he can even drop you & you can get hurt.

Rule 1 – Whenever you take your dog out for a walk, you’ve to keep the dog on your left-hand side & keep the leash tight so that it cannot move around & be safe from oncoming vehicles.

Rule 2 – If the dog tries to pull the leash or move around, you must immediately command him to stop & sit down. Be angry when necessary.

Rule 3- Whenever the dog is taken out for a walk always give your dog commands to walk straight in between, Go Straight, Go Slow. After a few days of training, your dog will start understanding you & will obey you.

How to train a Dog ?. Potty Training Tips

Potty training is very important to teach every dog because if your dog is not trained for potty then your dog will make your house dirty & smelly which you will not want at all.

1st all you’ve to take care of your dog’s diet plan & how many times you feed your dog. If your dog is less than 6 months old then you feed him 3 times a day. Early in the morning, in the afternoon & before going to bed. If your dog is more than 6 months old then you’ve to give it 2 meals early in the morning & before going to bed in the evening as most dogs usually do potty after eating.

Your dog doesn’t have potty training. You’ll have to tie him up at night & open his leash early in the morning. Then take your dog to the place where your dog wants to do potty & walk with him for a while. You’ll have to repeat this process in the evening. Your dog may not do potty on the 1st or 2nd day but you have to take him daily in the morning & evening & at night. After a few days, he’ll understand the routine. It only takes a few days to get used to it & your dog will be trained to do pee & potty.

Take your dog outside immediately after feeding. Take your dog to the designated toilet spot. Point your dog to the area & say ‘Go To Toilet’ or your chosen toilet command. Straight after they’ve peed or pooped appreciate them by saying Good Boy or Good Girl & you can give them a treat. But don’t overfeed them.

Bowing in respect

Image of a pet dog bowing in respect for the blog how to train a dog ?

Greetings are considered to be respectful in Indian culture. You can also teach your dog to greet him by bowing in front of others. Most dogs stretch themselves to relax & bend naturally. In this case, the next time you find him in this position, say any command, such as bow, say hello. If you do, treat him as a reward. This kind of practice takes a little time. After a few days, your dog will understand this command.

Shaking hands

Image of a pet dog shaking hands for the blog how to train a dog ?

You may have seen many dogs shaking hands. It takes a while to teach this trick to your dog. Shaking hands with your dog in front of your friends & family will make you feel very proud. You sit on your knees to teach your dog how to do a handshake. Then extend your hand saying handshake. Now lift your dog’s leg with your elbow & place it on your hand. When you do, then treat your dog. Practice this for at least a week & then your dog will learn to shake hands.

High 5 training

Image of a pet dog learning to High 5 for the blog how to train a dog ?

You may have seen many times that the owner of the dog raises one of his hands a little & the dog touches the owner’s hand with his foot. This is called the High 5. If you also want to teach your dog the trick of High 5 then sit in front of your dog & raise one of your hands slightly upwards while speaking the command. As soon as the dog brings his foot close to your hand, treat him. Give training of this trick while speaking command many times like this. A dog may have a little trouble doing this in the beginning, but after that, he will learn to do high 5.

To jump

Image of a pet dog doing training for the blog how to train a dog ?

Many dogs jump when their owner says to jump. If you also want to teach your dog to jump then you’ve to close the treat in your fist & take it near the dog’s nose. Then slowly move your hand upwards & speak the command. Your dog will try to jump with joy to get the treat. Whenever he jumps, give him some of the treats as a reward. Practice this again & again for a few days. You will then notice that your cute dog will try to jump when you say jump. Slowly your sweet dog will get used to it.

How to teach the dog to fetch Newspaper ?

Image of a pet dog fetching newspaper for the blog how to train a dog ?

Many of you’ve got this desire to teach your dog to bring paper. You can easily train your dog to bring paper with the help of this simple method.

The 1st step – 1st you’ll have to grow interest in your dog to fetch the newspaper. To make interest, play with the paper with him. Gradually, interest will come in your dog to fetch the newspaper. Your dog may tear the newspaper at times while playing. Then you’ll have to reprimand & scold him.

 The 2nd step – Now you’ll have to teach your dog to bring paper. For that you 1st you’ve to throw the paper at a place & give the command to bring the paper. Your dog may not listen to you the 1st time. But you’ll have to throw the paper again & again & keep giving commands to bring the paper. Soon your dog will understand the training & will follow your command. Praise & treat your dog when he starts bringing paper to you. You’ll have to repeat this step continuously for a few days.

The 3rd step – This is the last step of their training in which you’ll have to put the paper in a certain place & then give the command to bring the paper. Your dog will gradually learn the training with practice. You must train your dog regularly otherwise he’ll forget the training pattern.

How to train a Dog ?. Conclusion

In this article, I’ve explained many simple & effective ways to train your dog. I hope it’ll help all my readers who would like to train their puppies in the initial stage of their wonderful life journey with their owners. I hope my readers have liked & enjoyed this blog – “How to Train a Dog ?”.

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