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Argentina VS Netherlands, FIFA World Cup 2022, 2nd Quarter Final

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Argentina VS Netherlands / FIFA World Cup 2022 / Match Summary

Match photo of Argentina VS Netherlands, FIFA World Cup 2022, 2nd Quarter Final (Image from images.hindustantimes.com)
Image Source – Argentina VS Netherlands, FIFA World Cup 2022, 2nd Quarter Final (Image from images.hindustantimes.com)

Argentina VS Netherlands FIFA World Cup 2022. Argentinian coach  Lionel Sebastián Scaloni is in praise of Louis van Gaal. The confidence of Messi & his teammates is a great positive side before the Holland match. Scaloni is under no pressure ahead of facing the 71-year-old Van Gaal, who’s a much older & more experienced Holland coach. Scaloni heaped praise on Van Gaal. He said, – “It’s lucky to face such a coach on the stage of the World Cup. Despite facing Van Gaal at the club level before, this’s a completely different stage. Scaloni said that there’s a pattern to Holland’s game. It’s not only necessary to attack but also to keep the defense equally solid. Argentina wants the match in 90 minutes. However, I’ve asked the footballers to be mentally prepared for Extra Time or Tiebreakers”.

There’s only 1 name in the Holland camp – “Messi”. Also, the nightmare of losing the Tiebreaker to Argentina in the Semi-Finals of the 2014 World Cup is coming back into the discussion. A lot of research is going on how to stop Messi. Holland coach Van Gaal has the plan to stop Messi. But he did not break it. Van Gaal claims, “letting Messi play is dangerous.” He smells the goal. But Messi doesn’t try to play much on his own if he doesn’t get the ball at his feet. So the supply line needs to be cut off. It’s also important to focus on your own game rather than just thinking about Messi. Holland’s midfield & attack are world-class. Holland has the potential to be world champions. So we should play in that mood, to go to the Semi-Finals”.


The Netherlands is ahead in statistics. Argentina has failed to score in each of its last 3 meetings with the Netherlands. Argentina & the Netherlands have faced each other in a total of 5 FIFA World Cup matches. Lionel Messi’s Argentina has won just 1 of those 5 matches. The Netherlands has won 2 matches. 2 matches were drawn. In total, these 2 teams have played 9 matches against each other. Argentina won 3 matches & the Dutch won 4 & 2 matches were drawn.

Argentina VS Netherlands FIFA World Cup 2022 / The game has started

Both teams got off to a cautious start. 10 minutes into the game. It’s not like the 2 teams did extraordinarily in 10 minutes. However, Argentina is relatively more attacking. That’s why they look more likely to score. Now, 21 minutes into the game. Messi’s shot goes over the bar, Messi took a shot after a long wait. However, nothing exciting happened. The match is going very hard. Nothing exciting happened for 20 minutes.

GOAAAAAAL – 1 – 0 Argentina

It’s Messi magic in the 35th minute of the game. What a great pass from Messi. Nahuel Molina Lucero made no mistake after receiving the ball from Lionel Messi & putting it in the goal. Messi tackled the ball brilliantly & cut the Dutch defense to pieces & entered with the ball on the left. After that, he arranged the ball right on the plate for Molina. Molina scored his 1st international goal with a measured shot. Argentina went ahead 1 – 0.

40 minutes into the game now. Julián Álvarez makes a sharp pass to Messi. Messi takes the ball on the left just inside the box. But 3 Dutch players surrounded him. But Messi then turned & created space for a low right-footed shot. However, Andries Noppert, the Dutch goalkeeper captured the shot.

Half Time

1st Half Time play is over. 5 minutes of extra time is given. Argentina is still ahead 1 – 0. Argentina leads 1 – 0 in the 1st half. Thanks to Messi. He passed the ball perfectly to Molina & Molina scored the goal. However, if Argentina cannot score more goals in the 2nd half, the pressure will be on. After the break, the Netherlands will be very desperate.

2nd Half has started

Messi is more active in the 2nd Half. 50 minutes into the game now. Messi is looking much more active than in the 1st Half. Rodrigo Javier De Paul couldn’t score after receiving a good ball from Messi. The result of the game is still 1 – 0 in favor of Argentina.

Messi narrowly missed a shot. 63 minutes into the game now. Argentina earned a Free-Kick after Virgil van Dijk pushes Messi down. Messi hits a stunning shot from the free-kick. The ball goes out narrowly otherwise it was a sure goal. But the ball goes over the right bar.

GOAAAAAAL – 2 – 0 Argentina

Argentina got a penalty. 71 minutes into the game now. Denzel Justus Morris Dumfries tripped Marcos Javier Acuña inside the box. There was no need to foul like that. Argentina gets a penalty. GOAAAAAAL. Messi’s goal from the penalty in the 73rd minute of the game. Messi made no mistake in scoring the penalty. Argentina went ahead 2 – 0.

GOAAAAAAL – Netherlands made it 1 – 2

GOAAAAAAL. 83 minutes into the game now. Wout François Maria Weghorst scored with a superb header. The Netherlands made it 1 – 2. The Netherlands needs to score another goal for an equalizer.

Excitement & commotion on the field. 89 min into the game. Leandro Daniel Paredes fouls Nathan Benjamin Aké & then sends the ball straight to the Netherlands bench. The Dutch footballers got furious. The situation is getting tense here. Paredes should get 2 Yellow Cards. 1 for the foul & 1 for sending the ball to the Dutch bench. Paredes is shown only 1 Yellow Card.

Injury Time

10 minutes of injury time is given. 90 minutes of the match is over. But 10 minutes are still in hand. Can the Netherlands equalize ?. Too much tension.

GOAAAAAAL. Netherlands scores again

Germán Alejo Pezzella took a clumsy challenge & was fouled right in front of the D-box due to which the Netherlands got a free-kick in a dangerous area. This free-kick changed the color of the match at the very last moment of the game. The entire orange brigade in the stadium was praying for the goal. Teun Koopmeiners’s short Free Kick goes to Weghorst. It’s an extremely witty Free Kick. Weghorst scores the equalizer by scoring 10 seconds before the end of the match.

Extra Time

The game went into over the Extra Time. The game ended 2 – 2 at the end of 90 minutes.  Extra Time has started. Argentina was winning till the last moment. But it was the Free-Kick that changed the color of the match. The 1st half of Extra Time began. There were no goals in the 1st half of extra time. The 2nd half of extra time has started. Neither team scored in the Extra Time. The game went to a tiebreaker.

Argentina VS Netherlands FIFA World Cup 2022 / Tie Breaker

It came down to a Tie Breaker.

Netherlands – The Netherlands will take the 1st strike. Damián Emiliano Martínezto his right saves the first kick taken by Virgil van Dijk. Netherlands 0 – 0 Argentina.

Argentina – Argentina has the advantage as the skipper Messi advances and calmly beats Andries Noppert. Netherlands 0 – 1 Argentina.

Netherlands – Martínez saved Steven Berghuis’s attempt. Incredible. Netherlands 0 – 1 Argentina.

Argentina – Paredes scores to the right of Noppert. Now, Argentina has a 2 goal advantage. The score now is – Netherlands 0 – 2 Argentina.

Netherlands – Teun Koopmeiners’s penalty shot into the Argentina net. Netherlands 1 – 2 Argentina.

Argentina – Gonzalo Ariel Montiel’s penalty shot into the Netherlands net. The score is now – Netherlands 1 – 3 Argentina

Netherlands –  Weghorst, the goalscorer for the Netherlands didn’t disappoint the team & scores successfully. The score now is – Netherlands 2 – 3 Argentina.

Argentina – Enzo Jeremías Fernández misses it far left. Unreal. The Netherlands is given a glimmer of hope. It’s now – Netherlands 2 – 3 Argentina.

Netherlands – Luuk de Jong puts it in as Martinez goes left. Netherlands 3 – 3 Argentina.

Argentina – Lautaro Javier Martínez scores. With a vigorous effort in the top left corner, Lautaro sends Argentina into the Semi-Final. Netherlands 3 – 4 Argentina.

Argentina VS Netherlands / FIFA World Cup 2022 / Conclusion

Match photo of Argentina VS Netherlands, FIFA World Cup 2022, 2nd Quarter Final (Image from aljazeera.com)
Image Source – Argentina VS Netherlands, FIFA World Cup 2022 Argentina into the Semi-Final, 2nd Quarter Final (Image from aljazeera.com)

The goalkeepers are becoming heroes in the Knockout Stage. The Argentinian goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez became the hero of this match as he saved the 1st 2 shots of the Dutch in the tiebreaker & became the hero. He was the 1 who finally made the way to Messi’s Sem-Final. Argentina will take on Croatia in the FIFA World Cup 2022 Semi-Final. Elated Messi leads the celebrations with a 4 – 3 penalty shootout win over the Netherlands in the Lusail Iconic Stadium. Messi’s Argentina has the last laugh.

Team1 H2 HExtra Time 1 HExtra Time 2 HFinal Match ScoreTiebreaker Score
Netherlands02 0023
Argentina VS Netherlands / Final Score

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