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Argentina VS Mexico, FIFA World Cup 2022

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Argentina VS Mexico / FIFA World Cup 2022 Match Summary

Match photo of Argentina VS Mexico, FIFA World Cup 2022, Group Stage Match of FIFA World Cup 2022 (Image from sportingnews.com)
Image Source – Argentina VS Mexico, FIFA World Cup 2022, Group Stage Match of FIFA World Cup 2022 (Image from sportingnews.com)

Argentina got oxygen in Group ‘C’ (Argentina VS Mexico, FIFA World Cup 2022) with much-needed 3 points. They came 2nd in the points table. But Messi’s next round is still uncertain. Argentina will have to beat Poland in the next match. Argentina has won 4 of the last 5 meetings against Mexico. However, the last time the 2 teams met in the World Cup was in South Africa in 2010. The result of that match was 3-1 in favor of Argentina. Lionel Messi was under a lot of pressure before going down against Mexico this time. After losing to Saudi Arabia, Messi has to win against Mexico. Every match is a knockout game for Argentina now. Because Saudi Arabia lost their Group C match against Poland, the pressure on Messi was doubled.

It’s a Knockout game for Argentina for all the remaining games in World Cup 2022

Messi’s Argentina came back with a bang & when it mattered the most to handle that pressure. After losing to Saudi Arabia, Argentina finally returned to victory in the World Cup in Qatar. They beat Mexico 2-0 in their 2nd group match on Saturday. Lionel Messi & Enzo Fernandez scored 2 goals in the 2nd half. Both goals are a treat to watch for football lovers all over the world.

Messi’s perfect goal & Argentina went 1-0. Old flashes of the PSG star. It’s a beautiful 1 touch goal. What a strong shot. Messi is left unguarded. He used that opportunity. The Argentina captain curled the ball into the net with a low shot outside the box. It’s a perfect placement. Ochoa had nothing to do. Enzo Fernandez’s goal gave Argentina a 2-0 lead. Enzo Fernandez takes a long-range shot. He put the ball at the 2nd post. Guillermo Ochoa had nothing to do. Argentina went ahead 2-0.

Messi’s goal against Mexico equals Maradona’s FIFA World Cup goal total

The spectacular goal Lionel Messi scored against Mexico at the Lusail Stadium in Qatar put him on the level with Diego Maradona & Cristiano Ronaldo. Furthermore, Messi was the youngest (18 years 357 days) & the oldest (35 years 155 days) player to score & assist in a single World Cup game since 1966. The number of World Cup appearances by Messi & Maradona now stands at 21 between them. In a twist of fate, the milestone happens on the day following Diego’s death anniversary 2 years ago, on November 25, 2022. After a shock loss to Saudi Arabia in Argentina’s opening match, it’ll be interesting to see if Messi can salvage Argentina’s chances at the FIFA World Cup 2022, wearing the No. 10 jersey as Maradona did.

Team1 H2 HFinal Score
Argentina VS Mexico / Final Score

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