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England VS France, FIFA World Cup 2022, 4th Quarter Final

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England VS France / FIFA World Cup 2022 / Match Summary

England VS France, FIFA World Cup 2022, 4th Quarter Final (Image Source - images.indianexpress.com)
England VS France, FIFA World Cup 2022, 4th Quarter Final (Image Source – images.indianexpress.com)

Today’s game – “England VS France World Cup 2022”. The England captain – “Harry Edward Kane MBE” claimed that England came to Qatar with the vision of winning the FIFA World Cup. Harry Kane said – ‘We’re not here only to play the Quarter-Finals. The match against France is not a World Cup Final. But it’s a big step towards winning the World Cup. That is our focus. I’ll try my best to go to the next round.”.

England is confident ahead of France Their number of goals in 4 matches is 12. The England captain feels that the England team is much more prepared now than in the previous World Cup. Harry Kane said – ‘We’re confident in winning the World Cup this time. I think this belief was built up over 3-4 years. We came into this World Cup with the confidence of winning the trophy. Compared to the World Cup in Russia, we’re much more confident this time. Will England be able to shake off the choker’s title by beating France today ?.

England’s quest for the 2nd World Cup Title is on

The England football team’s biggest & last success was winning the 1966 World Cup. Since then, England has been repeatedly washed ashore. Gareth Southgate OBE’s team lost to Croatia in the Semi-Finals of the last World Cup in 2018 in Russia. England has not yet digested the Tiebreaker loss at home to Italy in the Final of the Euro Cup. England is now desperate to beat France in the Quarter-Final Round & advance to the Semi-Final Round of the World Cup to become 1 of the favorites to win the trophy. With the consistency that England has been playing since the beginning, England football fans can rely on Harry Kane, Jude Victor William Bellingham, Bukayo Ayoyinka T. M. Saka, Marcus Rashford MBE, Jack Peter Grealish & Jordan Lee Pickford.

Kylian Mbappé – The X Factor

France’s Kylian Mbappé is the X factor & the most valuable player in the France team. His role in France’s victory in the last FIFA World Cup in 2018 is undeniable. This time also he is in great form & the leading goal scorer in this tournament. This is what France coach Didier Claude Deschamps is confident about. Deschamps said – “Mbappé will make a difference on the field & will guide France to victory”.

England VS France / World Cup 2022 / The match has started

5 minutes into the game now. Neither France nor England did anything extraordinary. Although there have been sporadic attacks, nothing major has happened yet.

Big save by Pickford

11 minutes into the game now. Olivier Jonathan Giroud’s shot goes straight to Pickford. But Pickford saved it.

GOAAAAAAL – Aurélien Djani Tchouaméni scores – France 1 – 0 ahead

A truly fantastic strike from Tchouaméni. Mbappé avoids a few challenges as France breaks the ball down the left side, and the midfielder receives the ball at the edge of the box. Despite being outside the penalty area, Aurélien Djani Tchouaméni attempts to score & puts a low, swerving shot between Jude Bellingham’s legs & into the bottom left corner.

Great Save by Hugo Hadrien Dominique Lloris

Kane slips through the defense & forces Lloris into a strong save while masterfully turning Dayotchanculle Oswald Upamecano to open up space for the opportunity. England’s 1st attack of the match.

Kane asks for a penalty

27 minutes into the game now. Théo Bernard François Hernandez may have fouled Harry Kane. VAR determined that there was no foul. Regardless, it appeared to be outside the region. England’s play has appeared to be much, much more well-planned & dangerous.

On the verge of an equalizer

30 minutes into the game now. Harry Kane is the only player driving England’s quest for an equalizer. Kane dives in & unleashes a fierce long-range strike that required a strong stop from Lloris. The following corner was chaotic but Adrien Thibault Marie Rabiot clears the ball.

Mbappé misses a scoring opportunity

Every time Mbappépicks up the ball, 2 or 3 white shirts circle around him to stop him. This time, Mbappébreaks free of the pressure & Jordan Brian Henderson MBE fouls him. Antoine Griezmann takes the Free Kick. Griezmann crosses the ball to Masour Ousmane Dembélé outside the box. He gave the ball to Théo Hernandez. The ball then went to Mbappé, who took a shot at goal, but it went over the bar.

France leads 1 – 0 at Half Time

England requires more sharp & innovative work than what has been displayed thus far. France leads 1-0 at the break. England is still searching for an equalizer. France is now ahead thanks to a brilliant play from Tchouaméni. There’s no denying that France has been the superior team. They have so far put forth a clinical performance than England.

The 2nd Half has begun

An important 45 minutes for Southgate & England to demonstrate what they’re capable of. They’re talented enough to win this game.

Brilliant save by Lloris

Bellingham catches a loose ball & shoots it goalward. Lloris comes out for the impending corner but fails to touch the ball. When Maguire gets his head to the ball, the French defenders block him.

GOAAAAAAL – Kane scores a penalty & England bounced back

Since the beginning of the 2nd Half, England has been excellent & convincing when moving the ball forward. Bukayo Ayoyinka T. M. Saka makes several turns & is awarded a penalty. Kane advances, unwavering.

Philip Walter Foden clears the ball

68 minutes into the game now. Luke Paul Hoare Shaw did not understand Mbappé’s cross. When the ball went to Dembélé, he sent Olivier Jonathan Giroud on the back volley. Foden somehow clears.

Fantastic contest

In the 2nd Half, France appeared to be in complete control but England bounced back. France has played pretty defensively over the past 20 minutes. The game now hangs precariously in the balance.

Brilliant save by Jordan Lee Pickford

77 minutes into the game now. Olivier Jonathan Giroud’s shot was saved by Pickford. It was a sure goal. England somehow survived. British defense is falling like a pack of cards.

GOAAAAAAL – Giroud scores – France 2 – 1 ahead

77 minutes into the game now. Giroud scores this time. Giroud met a fantastic cross from Griezmann down the left flank & beat his defender at the front post to score. He failed to convert a clear-cut sitter previously. Dembélé intercepted a subsequent cross from the left & Pickford stopped Giroud’s extended side-foot volley. But this time there was no error. Clinical France.

England got a penalty

The penalty is given to England. Théo Bernard François Hernandez had a truly insane moment. He gives England a penalty by pushing Mason Tony Mount into the penalty area. Kane steps up to take the penalty.

Kane missed the penalty

The golden opportunity for an equalizer is ruined. Kane misses the penalty. Harry Kane came to take the penalty shot. He couldn’t hold his nerve. He hits the shot outside. Théo Hernandez completely unnecessarily gave away a penalty by pushing Mount into the box when there was no threat at all. Kane stood up to take the high-pressure penalty but buckled under pressure.

8 minutes of Injury Time

England has 8 minutes to equalize. Time’s running out for England.

A Free Kick at the very end

99 minutes into the game now. A Free Kick at the very last moment. At the edge of the box, Kingsley Junior Coman commits a careless foul on Jacob Harry Maguire. A free kick is given to England & it’s England’s last chance to stay alive.

Marcus Rashford MBE misses it

A decent free kick by Marcus Rashford MBE but he struggled to keep it down. The match is over & England is out of the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Final observations – England wasteful / France clinical

Football tournaments are frequently determined in crucial moments & France excelled in those situations while England fell short. The game was closely contested to the end. Given all the chances they had in the 2nd half, England would be upset that their lone goal was a penalty. France demonstrated the importance of attacking balance & the impact that quality can have at crucial times. The underappreciated Giroud put on another great display. Kane’s missed penalty at the end will be examined again & again. Today, France was simply more proficient & organized than England.

Pickford had some great saves otherwise England would’ve conceded more goals. France played a lot of organized football. England couldn’t score a field goal without a penalty. Kane’s missed penalty will haunt England for many years. France won the match as a worthy team.

Team1 H2 HFinal Score
England VS France / Final Score

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